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This was not something that we could have created from within the family... It captured my mother's essence, and would not have been possible if one of us had just decided to interview Mom on video. Carolyn's intuitive manner and emotional sensibilities made this project a substantive, lasting legacy. We have an honest, completely uncontrived and authentic testimony of my mom's life in her own words and we have Carolyn Preis to thank for that.

~ Family of Lucille S.

I wasn't sure what to expect at first about the process and had no idea what I was getting into when working with Carolyn. But she immediately put me at ease.  Carolyn is incredible, and I loved talking with her. She made a marvelous piece. It is just magic to me. Thank you for a splendid, splendid piece. 

~ F.J. 

We were very excited to have our mother participate and have the opportunity to chronicle meaningful memories from her remarkable life.  Carolyn had a facile way of engaging our mom. We are all enjoying watching the video, and will cherish it.

~ Family of F.J.

You did a masterful job of painting our portrait. We hope our family finds it to be a piece of history worth watching. We are very grateful for your effort and appreciative of the quality of your work.  As well, we  are comforted in having a new, young friend. They are hard to come by when one is of a certain age.  

~ D.M. + C.M.

You did such a beautiful job …  Thank you for your time and your patience. The interview was an amazing experience. To take a step back and view one's life is something everyone should do. My life has been a blessing. 

~ C.M.


It’s been interesting, very interesting. A lot of things you don’t usually verbalize.  I think it’s been fun, thought about some things we haven’t thought about for a long time, it’s nice to share.  It’s nice to share parts of your life.  I’m glad my daughter did this.

~ D.M.

I really wanted to get my parents’ stories onto video, not as a task on a to-do list but as a celebration.  I wanted them to have an enjoyable opportunity to reflect on their lives and talk about what was most meaningful to them.  And the resulting video representation Carolyn created has secured an enduring imprint of all that makes them special to me — their kindness, generosity, patience, playfulness, humor, and love.  She captured it all with the best of skill.  Carolyn’s research made them feel special and signaled that she takes her work — and their lives — seriously.  She asked intriguing, catalyzing questions and followed the most interesting threads of the answers to capture truly memorable tales and document the milestone-markers.  Carolyn’s also a people-person and a natural conversationalist!!! — which immediately put her interviewees at ease and made the recording sessions easy breezy.  I am beyond thrilled to have finally gotten these video recordings done after wanting to do it for years, because my parents and their life stories are precious to me.  Carolyn was just the right person to facilitate the process, and her speciality is “fun.”  So, “done" and “precious" and “fun" is exactly how it worked out— a perfect celebration and lasting legacy.  

~ T.M.

Sam loved the book. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from it while we talked on zoom. He’s as thrilled as am I. Thank you again for your wonderful work of the heart... It’s perfectly amazing, absolutely superb... I cannot thank you enough for this treasure that we will cherish forever.

~ K.O.

You have rocked it! Thank you SO much for your time, patience, and professional excellence!

~ T.R. 


The reason I really wanted to do this interview is because I’d really like to capture the essence of my career for my family and for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren, and anyone else who might be interested. ...I have completed my review, and I think it’s excellent!  I am most fortunate to  have had you in my corner on this effort. 



As a psychologist, I have always been deeply  impressed with Carolyn's genuine interest in people, her warmth, respect, curiosity, empathy, and insight.  That's why I chose her to document my father's life after he passed away, and the book she made for us exceeded my already high expectations.  She added thoughtful and creative touches I never would have thought of, nudged me to do the right research, was delightful to work with and created something special for us all to remember him by.  

Diane S


I feel like you reached into my heart and you saw and heard and read the dreams that lived inside all these years since my mother died.  And you took the photographs, the words, and you put them together in a reality that didn’t exist, except in my heart and my mind, and you translated it into this book.  It's the greatest gift you could ever give me.  Thank you. Thank you.  


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